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Today I walked outside to damp sidewalks and spring’s fresh scent. Did I mention I LOVE this time of year? Now I’m sitting at work, windows open listening to the quiet padding of raindrops near the and the occasional grumble of thunder. I think this quote pretty much sums up my feelings about this time of year:

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”

-Virgil A. Kraft

UNL East Campus Arboetum {newsroom.unl.edu}

Springtime bring renewal/rebirth to nature. Here on UNL’s East Campus you can’t help notice with all the flowering and budding trees amidst the beautiful landscaping. All the beauty and gorgeous weather makes it really hard to concentrate on school work! The forecast for the next two days calls for rain – and I’m going to enjoy it! Bring on the umbrella and galoshes!


Alexandrea Nicole