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No Room 😦

Just when I thought my room was complete last week, I discovered the one thing it was missing… a ROOMIE! Just kidding! I don’t think my room needs an extra body, but to my “pleasant” surprise Alex has temporarily moved in.  She is working with me at the Children’s Museum this summer.  Rather than wasting gas and driving home to Minden every night, Alex has opted to crashing in my room a few nights a week 😉 Minus the little to no floor space remaining in my room with an air mattress on the floor, it has been a joy to have her.  With Alex’s wedding coming up in a couple of short months, it has been nice to return to the memories of sharing a room with her.  Just last night we stayed up to the wee hours of the morning simply talking about the little things in life.  From wedding plans to dentist visits, from trips to foreign countries to childhood memories, we didn’t care much for what we were talking about because we were just content with spending time together.  Not to mention the bottle of diet coke Alex downed an hour before bed which kept us up and chatting.

A sister shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams. ~Author Unknown

Love ya Sis!

~Courtney Rose~