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I have a HUGE amount of pictures from our wedding that I want to digitally scrapbook. I’m fairly sure I’ve already mentioned this. My plan once I have all the pages created to to print it into a hardcover 8×11 book. I am still learning everything that I am capable of doing in Photoshop, but I’m happy with the way things are turning out so far. I made two pages today in a couple hours.

The best think about digital scrapbooking in my experience thus far would be the ability to adjust the size of different elements. When you buy stickers and letters they only come in one size. Another thing I love is that you can reuse items over and over again. They never disappear or run out! Finally, its less messy. We used to haul all the scrabooking supplies out of the closet and get out the card tables. It would sit out for a few days, but then we would have to clean them up. Doing it on the computer means no clean-up and a stopping point is only a save away. Love it!


Alexandrea Nicole