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Another project done! I said I would come back with my mason jars tinted and I did! I was pretty excited about starting this project because I knew once I did it I would have half of my centerpieces done.

To find out the best way to go about tinting the jars I browsed Pinterest and discovered this woman’s awesome recipe! (http://www.itsoverflowing.com/2012/04/simple-tips-to-tinting-bottles/) I was looking for something quick and easy and this hit the spot.

Supplies needed:
• 3 Tbsp of water
• gel food coloring
• ½ cup mod podge

Three supplies? I knew I could do this! First I microwaved the water for thirty seconds and then mix the food coloring in. I was planning to measure how much gel food coloring I used so that I could duplicate it. Well, in my excitement to start this project, I completely forgot! Alright, so after mixing the water and food coloring measure out the mod podge and stir it all together! She said you can add more coloring at this step if you it darker. I chose to just finish it out and see what happened! (You can always re-tint them later)

Pour the mixture into a jar and swirl it around so you cover the inside. You can pour the excess back into the mod podge mixture to be used over and over. I easily covered ten jars with ½ cup of mod podge. Let it sit upside down draining even more for at least five minutes. My first six I left for five minutes and still ended up with drips when I turned them right side up, but the rest looked better when I left them upside down longer.

After sitting right side up for another five minutes it’s time to bake them! Put the oven at 170 degrees and set a timer for twenty minutes. They should become translucent. I absolutely love how they turned out!

Next week I will be starting on some tissue paper poms! Check back!

Mackenzie Grace