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GE MeetingAll the Nelsen kids and spouses (except Jake – had to study) converged at the Nelsen Family home this past weekend.  Alex arrived on Friday while Courtney, Mackenzie and Nathan arrived early Saturday morning.  What was the occasion you ask?  It was a scheduled “family meeting” – no, we weren’t discussing where to house mom and dad when the time comes to take away the keys -Whew- the meeting actually involved only the ladies while the men were there primarily to feed us.  Sweet.

We have been blogging over two years now and wanted to explore what the future holds for our blogging careers.  Did we want to continue?  The answer was a resounding YES!  What was our next step?  Since we decided to take blogging serious, we put together a simple business plan and some action steps to move forward.  The first adjustment we made is our new blog layout which we are so excited about and hope you like it too.  It will soon take on another tweak as we are attempting to create a logo.  We hope you like the changes and hope our content is enjoyable and useful.

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