Romantic CoupleHere is how date night usually goes at our house.  He says, “Hey, what do you want to do tonight?”  She replies, “Oh, I don’t know, but let’s do something fun.” His response, “OK, what do you want to do?”  Hers, “I don’t know?”  His, “Well, we could do dinner and a movie.”  Her comeback, “Movie – I want to spend time with you not stare at a large screen watching a movie I probably won’t even like.”

Rick and I will be celebrating 30 years of marriage this year and we have had more dinners and a movie than I can count.  I do enjoy eating and I do enjoy going to the movies but usually when I think of date night I think of spending time with my sweetie.  So here is an idea I came across – a blind date.  OK, I know that sounds a bit strange since I already know my date but here is the idea – think romantic, think scavenger hunt.  Write a note and slip it into your sweetie’s pocket as he leaves in the morning inviting him to meet you for a romantic evening.  To make it interesting, you could hide several notes giving clues leading him from one note to the other and eventually to the place where you are waiting for him. Be creative, you could write the notes in riddles or make the location of the notes unique.  Maybe you want to include a small token of your affection in each note.  The place and activity at the end of this scavenger hunt is all up to you and the money you want to spend. Maybe a nice dinner in the corner of a swanky restaurant, ice cream and walk in a local park, or if you want to pack for a night at the Ritz, go for it.

I hope this spurs on some creative date night ideas.  Please do share…


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