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Before I actually tell you about one of Nathan and my most recent date nights, I need to wish Courtney Rose a Happy Birthday!!  She always seems to spend them away from home. This summer as most of you know, she is in Argentina. (You can check out what she is doing in the Argentina Missions Trip tab).

Alright, now that my sisterly duties are done, on to what I want to share with you all! For the wedding, Alexandrea Nicole and Jake gave us a “Can of Dates”. Such a brilliant idea! It was a great reminder that we need to spend time enjoying one another in our marriage. This summer we FINALLY pulled a date out and followed through. Our lucky draw? “Pudding Pictionary”

The idea of the game is to use pudding instead of a pen or pencil, making the game edible…and messy. For just a couple, it was suggested to have a close friend write 20 words for the couple. We decided to spend time with another couple so we chose to print off words online (so no one would have the advantage of knowing the words). I love games, but I usually feel uncomfortable with a group. Because we felt elementary with the pudding, it was so easy to relax and enjoy the evening! (While snacking on some pudding and vanilla wafers of course.)Pudding Pictionary

Pudding PictionaryWe can’t wait to pick out another date soon! Thanks Alex for gifting it to us!

Mackenzie Grace

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