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Does anyone else’s washing machine or clothes dryer eat socks (only one of the pair of course)?  Where do they go? The last sock I was missing was a hand knitted sock which caused me great sadness.  The next time I did laundry I began to think – sometimes items get caught on a teeny, tiny nail at the bottom of our laundry shoot.  Sure enough, I looked up with anticipation and there it was dangling, waiting to be rescued.  My once lost sock was now reunited with it’s mate.

I recently had another item missing which caused me even more distress than the loss of my sock.  I had lost my SOCK knitting instruction book.  I purchased this book back about 7 years ago when I started the hand knitting sock craze and I am constantly referring to it if not actually knitting a pair from one of it’s patterns.  Oh so sad…really…really sad.  I looked for it for over three months.  I figured I must have left it in a hotel room, a coffee shop, maybe it fell out of my bag somewhere.

Book: 2-at-a-time socks

Book: 2-at-a-time socks

The day I had decided to buy the book again, I was grabbing something off the bookshelf and there it was.  Yes, I looked there before – more than once!  I found it wedged between two 3-ring binders.  Yay!  The Lost is Found! I know there are several other Sock books out there but this one had all my notes, markings and comments. It’s like a well used cookbook except it is the patterns that are tried and tested and made multiple times.

What have you been missing lately?

Sonya Kay

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