Alexandrea Nicole

Alexandrea Nicole

Alexandrea Nicole

I am a spunky twenty-something who craves to be creative. Lucky for me, God has allowed me to do just that in my everyday job. I am a Family Consumer Science teacher at a consolidated school just outside Lincoln. I get to teach 7 – 12 graders topics such as clothing construction, parenting, foods, nutrition, and relationships. So far there isn’t a crafty or DIY project that I didn’t enjoy – which can cause problems!

Almost two years ago I married my high school sweet heart. Together we are unfolding the adventures of life. For now that means we are here in Lincoln as Jake pursues his dream of becoming a Veterinarian. Together we love taking Sunday drives, eating pizza, playing cards and board games, and doing all sorts of outdoor recreation.

Growing up with two sisters we shared a lot of time and things. Although I admit I wasn’t always pleased about sharing with them growing up, I am excited to share this blog because our lives are shaping up very differently. It has become a great way for us to communicate with one another. In addition, I look forward to sharing a piece of my world with you!

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