Courtney Rose

Courtney Rose

Courtney Rose

I’m a Christ follower and learning more every day about how flawed I am but how perfect my Savior is – thankful His mercy is new every morning. I’m a Senior studying English and Spanish Secondary Education. I will be student teaching in the fall, but I’m praying about how God wants to use my skills after graduation as I consider teaching and ministry options.

As the monkey in the middle of our trio of sisters, my outlook on life differs from theirs. I’ve had the privilege to witness or experience both sides of the spectrum and have learned to respect them both.  When coming up with ideas for projects and trying to involve others, it is easier for me to see where people’s talents will fit in to the end product.  I am excited to see how each of us women finds where our piece fits into the puzzle that is Grace Elizabeth’s.

When I’m not in class, at either of my two jobs, at a sorority event, or a Bible study, then I am most definitely at Barista’s, our local coffee shop. If I’m not sipping chai at my favorite booth, then I have probably dropped off the face of the earth – or I’m at home reading, knitting, crocheting, sewing and overall crafting in my “free” time. My most recently read favorite book would probably beWonderstruck, which I read for a Children’s Lit class last semester. It’s a hybrid text which means it is a story told in pictures and in words, which worked splendidly for this book! Check it out sometime!

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